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Miracle Coster
Lacie Cummings
Caitlin Darby
Claire De-Quidt
Chloe Diegel
Sarah Francis
Saransh Gupta
Joshua Heaton
Francesca Hobbs
Anna Hopkins
Jhun Jain
Amy Kelly
Holly Kemp
Jo Keogh
Vincent Lau
Katherine Major
Mika Minnitt
Sam Minnitt
Craig Parr
Natalie Percival
Paula Riley
Khilna Soni
Katherine Taylor
Yujie Xu


Ben Brierley
Carl Gray
Peter Leadbeater

University Archivist
Jenny Clarke

Nick Slater, Curator

Archive Material

The archive images date from the interwar period when Loughborough University transformed itself from a small technical institute providing evening classes in general technical subjects to a college specialising in engineering, handicrafts, teacher training and athletics.

In 1951–2 the College was divided into four separate institutions reflecting its main areas of interest. Loughborough College of Education provided teacher training; Loughborough College of Art taught art and design; Loughborough College of Further Education offered local and vocational training; and Loughborough College of Technology continued its courses in science and engineering. In 1966 the college was granted university status.

(source: Loughborough University Archives web pages

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